Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

“The perfect kitchen isn’t complete without a custom-made cabinet! Make your kitchen come alive with a bespoke design.”

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Thinking about custom-designed kitchen cabinets?

Customize your kitchen and make it a reflection of you with bespoke kitchen cabinets! Our highly skilled designers work with you to create the perfect wardrobes that integrate seamlessly into your home and reflect your unique taste and style. Whether you want a classic look or something more contemporary, we can help bring your vision to life. 

At MV Kitchen Fitters Northampton, we understand the importance of having cabinets that fit perfectly within the space available and deliver results that stand out for both form and function. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and use only high-quality materials to ensure satisfaction every step of the way. Our years of experience mean that each project is handled with precision and attention to detail to ensure maximum impact is achieved every time!

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Vent Hood

A vent hood is an essential appliance that helps remove smoke and odor from cooking areas, ensuring a safe and pleasant atmosphere. This unique service makes it easier for homeowners to get the desired ventilation setup. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary style, MV Kitchen Fitters can work with you to customize your vent hood installation, so it perfectly complements your kitchen aesthetic. With state-of-the-art technology and expert craftsmanship, we guarantee that each building will be of the highest quality. Plus, our competitive prices make this essential upgrade accessible to everyone! 

kitchen vent installation
Island cabinet


The wooden kitchen island is made from natural wood, giving it an organic feel that will work in any kitchen setting. It features a large countertop area perfect for meal prepping and can also be used as a seating area for family meals or entertaining guests. The bottom shelf provides plenty of storage space to keep all your cooking essentials easily accessible. It also comes with two drawers to store away utensils out of sight until needed. 

For an added personal touch, the wooden kitchen island includes customized engraving options with patterns or text that fit your style perfectly.


Customers looking to spruce up their kitchen with a one-of-a-kind vanity can now turn to MV Kitchen Fitters. The design team at MV Kitchen Fitters is well-versed in creating unique vanities that bring out the best features of any kitchen. From modern and contemporary looks, with an array of materials, to classic wood designs, each vanity is made with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Customers can choose from various cabinet styles, finishes, and countertops. Additionally, they have access to unique hardware from vendors worldwide.

MV Kitchen Fitters encourages customers interested in designing the perfect bespoke kitchen vanity for their home or business space to contact us for more information about our services.

kitchen Vanity cabinet
kitchen stock cabinet

Stock Cabinets

MV Kitchen Fitters customizes a new range of stock cabinets designed to make it easier for anyone to update their kitchen. The range consists of various styles and sizes, with something to suit everyone’s individual needs. With these cabinets, customers can create a beautiful kitchen without spending too much money or time on the project.

The company believes in providing high-quality products at an affordable price, ensuring every customer gets what they need for their kitchen renovation. All the stock cabinets are made from premium materials and come in various colors and finishes, so customers can choose what best suits their homes. In addition, MV Kitchen Fitters also offers installation services which will ensure the cabinets are fitted perfectly around existing fixtures and appliances.

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MV Kitchen Fitters is the one-stop solution for your kitchen cabinet needs. From custom-designed work to full installation, we offer a complete kitchen cabinet solution tailor-made for your needs. Our experienced staff is ready to take on any project, no matter how big or small. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen cabinets or refit, look no further than MV Kitchen Fitters. We offer various services to fit your specific needs, including restyling and refurbishing existing cabinets – and that’s just the start! We also provide multiple benefits such as repainting and staining, countertop replacement, new door fitting, installing accessories like shelves and drawers – the list goes on!

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